Thursday, June 28, 2018

Miles Ahead Driver Training – Drive Your Way to Success

Stay Safe on The Road And Behind The Wheel - Learn The Right Way

Learning to drive is another form of freedom and Independence. You don’t have to rely on anyone to drop you or keep up with pesky bus timetables. Not to forget dropping the kids, fun day out with friends and better job opportunities. Learning to drive can change your life and your lifestyle in many ways. But the right guidance to get you started is required to make you a driver with perfect and safe driving skills.

Too many driving schools and wondering whom to trust? 

Look no further! Miles Ahead Driver Training ensures you get nothing but the best out of learning to drive.

The Best of The Best 

Instructor Paul Conibear, an A-grade instructor heads the driving school in Barry. Miles Ahead provides high-quality driver training to all eligible ages and abilities in the Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and Vale areas.

Their competitive pricing starts at £21 per hour with A-grade trainers. The pass rate for this driving school is higher than most competitors, making them stand out as one of the best driving schools. Just like any other skill, driving is a skill that needs to be carefully nurtured to enable safety while driving.

Miles ahead equips you with all the skills that you require on road. They aim at working towards providing expert training and help you pass the tests with a pass rate of 80%. Typically a learner requires 30 to 40 hours to pass the test quickly on a limited budget. Theoretical training is also provided at no extra costs for the students. Online sessions and access to theory tests are also available.

Join us and get more information at for fun, reliable, supportive, encouraging and safe driving lessons!

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