Thursday, June 28, 2018

Waterlily Landscapes – Landscapes That Create Your Special Sanctuary

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Founded by Sean McCarthy, Waterlily Landscapes transforms gardens into awesome places where you can relax and enjoy the perks of nature with family and friends. 

Personalisation is the key to beautiful gardens and working towards achieving them is what this company strives to provide. A garden with a personal touch will enhance your day and is a great investment to add value to your property. Waterlily Landscapes make the entire process of building your garden a structured and tuned one. 

The process is categorized into 5 stages.:

The initial stage deals with understanding the client’s personality and requirements. Understanding how they envision their garden and what they expect out of it is all a part of the initial phase. Committed to giving every customer a bespoke service and excellence is a part of their quality standards. 

The second stage begins with visiting the area to be landscaped, in person and understanding their vision and budget to create their dream space. Sharing additional ideas and latest trends with the customers adds to the vision of the space to achieve nothing but the best. 

The third stage ensures planning the design and timelines to achieve it. The designs are drawn by hand to give it a personal touch. Once the designs and quotes are finalized they are agreed and signed off to get the work started. 

The fourth stage is where construction of the actual design takes shape.  This process is overseen personally by the founder Sean McCarthy, from start to finish. Sean takes on only one project at a time to ensure his physical presence onsite throughout the entire project. 

The last stage is the exciting one where the final showcase is looked over with the client. Waterlily Landscapes makes sure that the clients are happy and that they understand how everything works with maintaining the garden. Visits after a few weeks are done by the team to ensure everything is fine. 

Want a beautiful garden in your favourite space? Drop into for information and getting in touch with Sean

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